BTCUSDT Price Outlook 17 January 2021 — BTC UP for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by ArShevelev — TradingView


Speculations around Bitcoin is massive, but the real question is, will we set another ATH over next week?!
Personally find it’s possible, i am looking for about 70% probability for it. You wanna know why? Go and look this video about bitcoin indicators: But of course keep in mind, I am doing it with stop loss (on chart you can find the level).
Additionally we can have opportunity of another Stop loss hunt period, when price will go into buy zone (orange path arrow). In this period market might be flooded with panic selling.
After all I am expecting to hit another ATH during next couple of weeks. Be careful, always follow your risk management and trading plan.

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Artem Shevelev


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