us30 retracement trade 11/20 LDN session for FX:US30 by ntrinidad — TradingView


i prepared for 2 possible setups:

1) A buy if ASIAN HIGH is broken and held

2) A sell if the ASIAN LOW/ DAY BEFORE’S LOW was broken and held

– I used the m1 to find my entry using m1-m15 order blocks to support my analysis

–> along with the entry patterns: QM, ENGLUFINGS, Break-Retest-Follow thru

-I targeted the retracement going toward the NY HIGH of the day and continued to manage the take profit and stop loss as price continued on past it

– Once i started to see price stall on the M1 and continue to break, retest, and follow through to the downside going through the other TFs i decided to bring my stops 28pips into profit and let it play out while i slept

Overall my analysis panned out the way i thought it would


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