SUPPER SELLIMIT,,,100% put this sellimit + my gold stratgy for FX:XAUUSD by ramin_trader2006 — TradingView


this is myself gold stratgy with 80 tp 20sl

secret of gold =Gold is very very trendy(always main trend is +, above daily ema200), never reverse on it ,ok? so when you want buy , wait candel close red in 15or 60min chart , then put buystop last candels high , above last high

for close buy , never close it instant, wait red candel comes,after green candel close, put sl below low !!!! if market goes up , move sl below last N shape low

note = if low breaks , this mean 99% crash will come, so never never remove sl belove last low (you can put sellstop too)

secret watch AC indicator (or stochastic 5-3-3 simple)in daily , if it is green ,90% + trend will comes , so i check AC daily and 60min too

dont say not work, 30 day try it demo , then judge

money manage = 1000$ max open posation=0.02 use levrage below 25

this stratgy not for zigzag markets like dax


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