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Crypto Signals Ultimate 2020 Guide
Knowing how the market works is important when dealing with cryptocurrencies. To hone your craft in your cryptocurrency journey, we laid out the best paid and free cryptocurrency trading signals in this guideline.

What Are Crypto Signals?

Crypto Trading Signals can be defined as tools for analysis and tracking of market conditions that guide traders to make a more informed decision whether to buy or sell coins. These can serve as a basis when deciding the right time and place to make a trade.

No signals give guarantees but, still, contribute to the financial security of traders through profit and protective stop loss to avoid crypto bankruptcy when making trades. Some signals are readily available online and for free. However, you get the most out of services when you avail paid signals at a relatively affordable subscription fee.

Some signals are managed manually by professionals, while others are turning to automated trading bots for greater efficiency and timeliness of analysis. 3commas have reviewed and also generated some of the top-rated crypto trading signals available at their site.

We compiled and reviewed the Top 3 Best Crypto Trading Signals that can deliver accurate readings, tracking, and analysis to help users generate profitable trades.

Rank Name Price/Versions Supported Exchanges Supported Trading Pair Average Profit per trade Signals for the last 3 months Website and Telegram support Overall rating
1 HIRN Crypto Free BTC 6.50% 228

2 CQS Premium $10-$30 per month OKEx, Kucoin, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Huobi Pro MTL, WIN, ELA, CPC, NPXS, 5+ 5.04% 182220

3 Blockchain Sparrows Signals $7 per month Binance, OKEx BTC, ZRX, WABI, 5+ 5.59% Not calculated


Top 3 Best Crypto Trading Signal Providers

We listed some of the highest-rated crypto trading signals from our site. Our descriptions and reviews are based on our experiences and collated user feedback for each signal provider. We evaluated them with regard to the average profit they generate per trade, the coverage of exchanges and trading pairs that they support, and the cost of availing their services.

After this list, we also included some signals channels that are worth mentioning—both paid and available for free. Make smarter and more profitable trades by looking into these crypto trading signals.

1. Hirn Crypto Free


Rating of individual indicators
Support: 4.5/5 stars
Precision: 5/5 stars
Quality: 5/5 stars
Available trading pairs and exchanges: 3.5/5 stars
Price: 5/5 stars
Profitability: 5/5 stars

HIRN Signals is known for its stellar performance and readings with zero subscription fee. It remains one of the leading signals providers in the list of 3commas crypto signals with more than 6,000 members in its community. It renders 7-14 Signals per week, with an average profit of about 6.50% per trade.
Hirn Crypto Free

This channel is managed by experienced and veteran traders that share Crypto Trading Signals. Their signals are fully automated and equipped with the latest and most powerful algorithmic pattern and analysis.

Our Verdict: Best for Binance Spot Trading

Our users alike hail HIRN as the best free signals channel for Binance Spot Trading. At the moment, the channel supports BTC Pair Signals.

For setup, you can request technical support from our team or send a message to their Telegram channel. You can also visit our website to learn how to configure bots for HIRN.

You can also check out some of our helpful online resources to know more about HIRN and other signals channels.


You can already get a trading upper-hand with the unpaid version of HIRN. But if you are willing to pay and expand the currency pairs that you can cover, choose the best HIRN subscription plan that suits your needs.

HIRN Crypto VIP, which supports short-term signals, starts at $15/month; HIRN Premium (USDT) and HIRN Premium (BTC) at $13.5/month. For more information, you can visit their website.

  • Yield profitable trades
  • Reliable and safe trades
  • Free version is already highly functional
  • Relatively large community
  • Limited supported exchanges and trading pair
  • No guarantees

2. CQS Premium


Rating of individual indicators
Support: 4.5/5 stars
Precision: 5/5 stars
Quality: 4.5/5 stars
Available trading pairs and exchanges: 5/5 stars
Price: 4/5 stars
Profitability: 4/5 stars

First established in March 2018, Crypto Quality Signals has been recording signals with high accuracy and competitive amounts per day. This makes it a holistically excellent channel for almost every trading strategy.Cryptoqualitysignals

The team of CQS is composed of expert analysts in the field of technical analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and Market Sentiment Analysis, which enables it to provide exceptionally accurate readings. This pool of experts is even assisted by cutting-edge technologies that really boost your trading outcome.

This feature makes it generate a 5.04% profit per trade in exchange for a relatively affordable subscription plan.

Our Verdict: Best for Altcoin Trading

Out of our picks, CQS covers the greatest number of supported exchanges and supported trading pairs. This makes it the most outstanding Signals provider for Altcoin Trading. It includes some of the most popular exchanges, such as OKEx, KuCoin, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, and Huobi Pro.

If you want to experience the amazing services this channel has to offer, you can reach out to our team for technical support. You can also browse our website to learn how to set up bots for Crypto Quality Signals.

We have many resources which you can learn to trade better from, like this video tutorial:


You can choose from two subscription schemes offered by CQS that are aligned with your budget and trading goals. Their silver package starts at $10/month, which includes only signals for External bots (Premium signals, API, private Telegram channel, and integrated bots).

If you want extensive support and topnotch features, we recommend you to avail their full package at $30/month, which already covers complete Telegram services. You can browse the respective services included in these plans on their website.

  • Yield profitable trades
  • Reliable and safe trades
  • Relatively large community
  • Covers wider exchanges and trading pairs
  • Fees are quite expensive
  • No guarantees

3. Blockchain Sparrows Signals


Rating of individual indicators
Support: 4.5/5 stars
Precision: 5/5 stars
Quality: 5/5 stars
Available trading pairs and exchanges: 3.5/5 stars
Price: 4.5/5 stars
Profitability: 5/5 stars

Blockchain Sparrows is operated by clever, veteran traders who also incorporate analysis generated by Artificial Intelligence for informed decision-making and maximization of profits. It primes itself of revolutionizing trading and claims to never send the wrong signals nor give misleading and deceiving advice. This ensures that users will not incur big losses as signals are always thoroughly reviewed and discussed by the team’s analysts before publication.

Considered as a new player in the market, Blockchain Sparrows is already making huge strides after its establishment in 2019. At present, it already has a whopping record of 5.30% maximum profit per trade. It supports common exchanges like Binance and OKEx and houses more than 1,500 in its active community.

Our Verdict: Best for Intelligent Automated Trading

Through user reviews, we can say that this signal channel is outstanding in terms of accuracy and precision. Its current success is built by its esteemed and experienced experts, with the backup of ingenious and state-of-the-art technologies and artificial intelligence. Hence, it is safe to say that Blockchain Sparrows Signals is the best for intelligent automated trading.

Don’t miss out on the chance to level up your trading strategies and habits by subscribing to this signals provider. You can tap our support team and their Telegram channel. Learn how to set up advantageous bots with Blockchain Sparrows Signals here.
Blockchain Sparrows Signals

Have a more in-depth understanding of how it works by viewing video tutorials such as this:


You can avail Blockchain Sparrows Signals services starting at $7 a month. This is a very budget-friendly offer without compromising the quality and coverage of services that it offers. The profit yields per trade via this signals provider greatly surpasses their meager subscription fee.

  • Affordable subscription
  • Yield profitable trades
  • Reliable and safe trades
  • Relatively large community
  • Limited exchanges and trading pairs that are supported
  • No guarantees

How do Cryptocurrency Signals Work?

To know which cryptocurrency signal would work best for you, it is advisable to know how it works first. As is said earlier, crypto trading signals can serve as a strong basis in deciding when and where to trade coins.

Crypto signals are the results of a comprehensive analysis of existing market conditions, from which professional traders make predictions to ascertain when it is time to buy or sell and where to place take profit and stop loss orders. Automated trading paved the way for bots to track patterns and algorithms present in the market to make their analysis.

These readings are then sent to your email, smartphone, or other contact preferences indicated in your subscription. Generally, it follows a four-tier process, as shown in the infographic below:
How signals work

Action: Buy/Sell

The process is commenced by the two fundamental actions that you must decide to take: it is either to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. These are the two primary and only actions that you can make.

To “buy” is to purchase cryptocurrencies, while to “sell” is to offer crypto to the market for other users to buy. 3commas has many articles regarding smarter cryptocurrency trading practices and habits. Be sure to check them out! You can also watch this vlog for starters:

What Coin to Buy/Sell

The action of buying and selling is followed by the element coin. Specifically, which coin is suggested to be bought or sold. Taking into account the various market conditions and analysis done, signal providers would suggest which coin should you sell or buy that would yield favorable results and higher profit percentages.

This is applicable to various altcoins, so long as they are supported by the channel that you are subscribed to. CQS premium is among the crypto signals channels that cover a wide array of exchanges and trading pairs with such coins as BTC, ETH, LTC.

There are signal channels such as HIRN that specialize in one exchange. In the chase of HIRN, its specialized exchange is Binance. It is highly encouraged to find a channel that specializes in the type of coin and exchange you want to trade in.


After knowing which coin to sell or buy, it is also important to consider the price and infer whether you will make profit or incur a loss. Most signals already provide you the price at the same time they suggest which coin you should trade.

The prices that they give can be the current market price of coins. In other instances, it can be slightly lower or higher than the current market price.

When given a notification, you must be swift in responding, especially under short-term, highly volatile market conditions. The trade at a price you find just and reasonable might be quickly replaced by other prices due to market instability and volatility.

Another factor is the cryptocurrency exchange you are using. It might affect the prices that will be shown by your crypto signals. Automated bots like arbitraging trading software can address this concern. Make sure to check out some of the bots offered by 3commas. They really come in handy to secure your prices amidst a highly unprecedented market.

Take Profit / Stop Loss Orders

In choosing crypto signals, make sure that they include take profit and stop loss orders. This feature offers you an appropriate risk to reward ratio. This prevents you from recklessly gambling all your cryptocurrencies in trades that will not lead you to profit, and even bury you in deficiencies.

This also paves the way for automated trading. Basically, you leave all the trading work to the take profits and stop-loss orders functions of your signals. You would not have to monitor your trades all the time.

You will not also be burdened about guessing where to close the trade, which is a very difficult thing to do, given that the trend did not come from you in the first place. Moreover, you are not well aware of the reasons and inner workings of these trades unless indicated in advance.

Experts suggest using predetermined SL to avoid incurring large losses in the midst of ever-changing crypto prices.

Crypto Signals Types

There are two main types of crypto signals: those that are available for free and those that require subscription fees. Sometimes the same signal provider offers an unpaid and paid version, as in the case of HIRN free and HIRN VIP and other paid versions. What exactly are the differences between the two?

Obviously, paid crypto signals over a wider index of services than those that are free. These additional services may include more supported exchanges and trading pairs. Another is the cutting-edge, intelligent, and self-efficient artificial intelligence that tracks algorithms and patterns in the market.

Free versions can only give you the basic overview and sometimes even superficial readings of market conditions. However, there are those that provide precise readings despite being free. At the same time, some signals demand exorbitant fees but offer dismaying services. It is a must to do research of existing users’ feedback before subscribing to a signals channel.

Another matter to assess is whether you need a free or paid signals provider. Here are some basic considerations.

You can settle with free signals if you are:

  • A self-sufficient trader who can confidently make trades independently;
  • Already highly aware of the impacts of varying market conditions to crypto prices;
  • Always available to manage and monitor your trading;
  • Hesitant to engage with automated trading that does not have guarantees;
  • Doubtful of the performance records of signals.

On the other hand, you can avail crypto signal subscriptions if you are:

  • A beginner who is a novice when making trades;
  • Not really aware of how market patterns and conditions affect crypto prices;
  • Extremely preoccupied and does not have the time to constantly monitor and manage trades;
  • Well-off and can afford subscription fees;
  • If you want to avoid high traffic and unexpected bugs in free signals providers.

Free Crypto Signals

Free Crypto Signals work just as fine as crypto signals are ought to. The great thing is, they are offered for free. Most signals providers offer a free and paid version of their channels. When a provider only offers a paid crypto signals channel, that must serve as a warning sign. Having no free signals counterpart can mean that these paid signals will just swindle your coins. So, beware of those.

These signals are a great way to jumpstart your trade, especially if you are just a beginner. One of the major setbacks often mentioned by users is that since these signals are free, their platforms are often congested, resulting in high traffic and delayed loading times.

You are lucky, 3commas houses some of the best free crypto trading signals that do not compromise their service despite being unpaid. As mentioned in the list, HIRN free is among the top-rated and most-used signals providers on the site.

Another free crypto signal you must take note of is the unpaid counterpart of CQS. Currently, it accommodates more than 5,000 members in its community and is able to support Binance, Bittrex, and Huobi. Its sustainable support from its users reflects its reliability as a signal provider.

Paid crypto signals have been antagonized as scams. While we must be careful, there are still trustworthy paid crypto signals out there. It is good to start with those that have free counterparts. You can ensure that they really want to serve traders, and not just solicit money through their subscription fees.

Most times, paid crypto signals simply add more functions and features to the free version that they have provided. As in the case of CQS, CQS free only covers a limited number of altcoins that can be traded. However, trading pairs and supported exchanges increase when users upgrade to the premium and paid versions.

Before upgrading to subscriptions, it is ideal that you have already tried and tested their free versions.

Bitcoin (BTC) Signals

If you focus on BTC trading, then we would recommend you to choose a BTC-specific signals channel. It is important to closely monitor BTC for it is among the cryptocurrencies that have the highest volatility in the market. As a matter of fact, it is predicted that BTC can skyrocket from its current price of $20K up to $398K by 2030.

BTC prices can also fluctuate during short-term trading times. Previously, it reached record-high prices for in December 2017 when the price was about $ 20,000, and in January 2018, it fell below $ 10,000. These quick shifts in BTC trading are what makes it among the riskiest trades to engage in.

Essentially, Bitcoin signals instruct you when it is ideal to buy and sell Bitcoins. As mentioned in the list, HIRN is among the best providers for Bitcoin signals. Another honorable mention is MYC Signals, which is generally a BTC provider for Binance and BitMex exchanges. Currently, its community is inhabited by 2.7k users and is exponentially growing.

Altcoin Signals

Altcoins are digital assets and tokens referring to anything but BTC. It is as important as BTC trading for altcoins can also yield amazing profit, and sometimes even some altcoins are less volatile and ensure greater security to traders. Some recommended altcoins to trade in 2020 are ETH, VET, MXC, and BNB, Binance’s generated coins.

Moonin Papa’s Top 10 MKT Cap Signals is very commendable when it comes to Altcoin Signals. It has more than 7,000 people in its community and is still growing day by day. This popularity is well-deserved, given MP’s Top 10 Signals impeccable performance and accurate market analysis and altcoin readings.

It supports popular and highly demanded cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB, EOS, XRP, XLM, ADA, TRX, dedicated to exchanges, Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase. On top of that, the “top 10” coins included in this channel are among the least volatile in the market.

Just a disclaimer that Moonin Papa does not disclose financial advice and is not liable for your losses. Like traditional signals, altcoin signals delivered by this provider are simply a basis, reference, or a trigger on whether you will sell or buy altcoins.

Best Telegram Crypto Signals

Telegram became one of the most preferred platforms for Crypto trading signals because of the density and population of its users who are engaged with crypto trading. Thus, it became an easier means to broadcast communications and information regarding all things crypto.

Since then, it has become a hub for a lot of promising crypto signals. But, you still have to take note that its credibility can be jeopardized by a couple of swindling crypto signals. Some of the commendable crypto signals in Telegram are within Telegram groups with an active community. If you simply see a table that lists unfamiliar names of Telegram signals, best not to trust that too much.

The most talked-about Telegram channel connected to Crypto Signals is Beincryptocommunity. It is a trading community managed by a group of experienced and veteran traders that stemmed from its mother company, Aside from delivering signals, it aspires to train its users to be self-sufficient traders through workshops and educational discussions.

Check them out in Telegram:

2. Telegram Signals

This provider prioritizes trading signals for all brokers and platforms. The service provides in-depth technical analysis of economic conditions and market trends. Unlike most signals providers, Telegram Signals offer peer advice and counsel on making trades as guided by research and market developments. It renders short, mid, and long-term signals as well as bots and auto trading.

Check them out in Telegram:

3. Pro Crypto Signals

Just recently established in 2018, this provider has boasted over 2,000 signals in more or less two years in operation. It provides short, middle, and long-term signals, as well as a wider range of options for users seeking to make trades and profit. It limits its signals provisions to Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex, three of the leading exchanges worldwide.

Check them out in Telegram:

Crypto Signals & 3commas

3commas already offer high functioning trading bots that ultimately improve your trading experience. It is even better when integrated with the right signals for you. They have a marketplace wherein users can browse and select for providers which theat deem are appropriate for them. These signals are integrated to your trading bots to trigger actions of either to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Once subscribed to a signals provider, you devise a bot settings suggested on the page of your signals provider. Upon completion, you can click “deal starts conditions,” and your bot will align itself with the signals in choosing whether to buy or sell.

When choosing a signals provider, here are some factors worth considering:

  • Exchanges they support: Make sure that the exchange you are trading in is included in the supported exchanges of the Signals provider that you will use, or eventually avail for a subscription.
  • Trading pairs they provide signals for: Same with the prior one, see if your desired trading pair is covered by the signals channel that you will choose.
  • Whether they send deal close signals in order to dynamically take profit or stop loss. This ensures that the signals they deliver are able to adapt to the sudden shifts and volatilities in the market. Being able to do so prevents acquiring large losses.

You can familiarize yourself more with how signals work on 3commas bots using this guide.

3commas also has a page listing all its high quality, top-rated, and reputable signals providers. You can head to this site to start browsing.

You can use the filter search option to efficiently view the signals available that are suitable for your cryptocurrency exchanges, platforms, and altcoins.

3commas search option


What Are Crypto Signals Based On?

Different signal providers utilize different instruments and tools to deliver signals. Signals can be based on manual readings and analysis by professional and experienced traders. They can also be based on automated software that tracks market patterns and algorithms to formulate inferences and interpretations. High-quality channels offer a combination of both experts and artificial intelligence.

How to Find Quality Signals?

“Quality” signals are a matter of stop loss and take profit levels, success rate, reviews, as well as your primary trading needs and goals. Whatever type of signals you’re looking for, make sure to browse the signals promoted by 3commas on their website. They guarantee you the quality of services these signals provide.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Crypto Signals

Experts often recommend a 3-3-3 scheme to maximize crypto signals. A good technique is to either utilize a 3% fixed percentage profit or a trailing stop loss arming at 3% as most signals to be found in this site can provide up to 3% profit.

If you find yourself wanting to engage with signals but do not really know when to start, head to the list of crypto signals featured here in 3commas. They have also generated their own signals that can really aid you in maximizing your profits in no time.


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