Litecoin vs Bitcoin… Chart Analysis of LTCBTC for BINANCE:LTCBTC by Sparkster — TradingView


At some point LTC may rise against BTC , but as per the current Monthly chart shown, we see that LTC has lost value against BTC since April 2019. A 70% decline.

Note the MACD is moving up with a possible cross of the zero level coming in a month or so. This suggests sentiment may be changing. A subsequent break of the trendline would indicate LTC raising against BTC , at least for a little while.

In order to break the long-term downtrend, Litecoin would benefit from some good project news, new partnerships, and market place adoption as a cryptocurrency.

Don’t fight the trend. Make the trend your friend.

We’ll be watching LTC for a change in trend, but wouldn’t be buying just yet. Technically the trend is still down.

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