JAG half candle theory after a long bullish candle formation for MYX:JAG by biggred87 — TradingView


JAG trading day on 23/11/2020 opened at RM0.200. With high traded volume pushing the price upwards to highest of RM0.235. The day ended with the stock price closed at RM0.230.

Long bullish candle formation is a prerequisite for us to challenge the Half-Candle Theory.

If the price maintains above RM0.215 in the following days (as we will strongly expect correction price movement due to profit-taking), we shall expect the price to go RM0.255 in 1-2 weeks time.

Current Price: RM0.230

Entry Price: Anything above RM0.215

Target Price: RM0.255

Support Price: 1-RM0.215 2-RM0.200


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