ICICI Lombard (Will Insurance sustain the weakness ?) for NSE:ICICIGI by vinayak.mohta5 — TradingView


ICICI Lombard has not been in a range for a long long time while the market has been giving all kinds of emotions to every trader. Currently it is sustaining within a zone and any breach of the zone might give a good move. Upside is resisted by all the moving averages, with RSI compressing a breakout looks likely to happen.
With US elections approaching this week, volatility is here to stay or likely to go up. With Europe going into Lockdown one after the other and The US recording record number of cases just before elections, things are really looking uncertain. Bitcoin is climbing to a very important level with people’s belief of bitcoin acting as a hedge is risen again. Things are very bleak so please trade with caution until things become clearer.


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