EURUSD 1 hour short targeting/trend analysis for OANDA:EURUSD by dee718 — TradingView


Additional examples in a down trend. Use the elliot wave schematic as your road map (preferably on the 1 hour and above). There are specific guidlines for how long this wave must be and how this wave cant intersect with that…. forget that. If you abide by this you will never find an entry OR i think its very difficult. If you are having consistent wins abiding by strict EW rules, please lmk.

Note where RSI is located immediately just prior to a mark-down event: Above AXIS.

Also note how and where the highest concentrations (the peaks) of volume and the lowest (valleys).

In this example price rode down the 50 ema . Note the confluence of the 50 EMA hit with the RSI above axis.In this situation you would drop down to the 5 or 15 and look to do your range analysis in search for the upthrust and no demand low volume test….

Sources of education:

Richard Wyckoff

Tom Williams Volume spread analysis VSA / Master the Markets

Pete Faders VSA*

Read the ticker dot com

Wyckoff analytics

Dee Nixon

Avoid buying into weakness/supply/resistance

Avoid selling into strength/demand/support

Avoid entry when price is in middle of a range (phase B)


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