ETH healthy retracement for KRAKEN:ETHXBT by Perenboom2630 — TradingView


Ethereum had a nice run up and is now in a healthy correction fase. We’re still up 77% since the beginning of 2020 so if you are in doubt as to wether or not we’re in a bull market for ETH I suggest you take a look to the weekly or monthly chart.

– Currently around the 3000 sats level

– Wicked into the golden pocket

MACD has just entered positive territory

I have entered a small position with a SL below the golden pocket.

Also make sure to take a look at how nice the bullish divergence worked out for ETH. This tends to be a strong pattern to spot for this pair.


Please feel free to share your view on this pair down below in the comment section. I’m more than happy to be challenged and have an interaction on this idea.

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