Clicks analysis for JSE:CLS by AfroTez — TradingView


If you had invested in Clicks right at the beginning of this year, right now you would be around 2% down on your investment. But if you invested yesterday, you would be 12% up. Another positive earnings report from the group driving share price up to almost on par with what we started with this year. Firm support line at R 220 which is something we dont want to go below or even approach for that matter. Clicks my look tamed on a 45 minutes chart but stepping back to a day chart we see a different story. Consistent growth and strong uptrend support line making this a very decent pick for a long term portfolio (if you find a suitable entry point).
Possible chance of a pull back soon if wanting to get in at this point and i think its better to wait for that before buying in right now. But overall looking extremely positive.
Where some companies have seen drastic drops and struggling to recover, Clicks has maintained strong performance and investor value.


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