Chart Taking Daily Percentage Increase Into Account 31 Days Fwd. for KRAKEN:OMGUSD by WMWToronto — TradingView


Ok, well here is more conservative and fundamental approach to predicting a future price which calculates the daily percentage increase over the history of the chart, which is .63 % increase per day. This measurement eliminates the anomaly of the spike in price in Sept. which should not be included in our calculations.

Now if we extrapolate our percentage increase of .63 % per day, from today, for the next 31 days until we reach Nov 8, 2020, we arrive at a price of approx. $4.00 or an 18.9 % price increase. This falls in line with the 44 degree, upward trend line which must touch all three points to be valid.

Now personally, I would love to make 18.9 % every month on my money, especially if you reinvest it. Thoughts, opinions, ideas, criticisms ?

Ward Weaire

Toronto, Canada


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