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I was testing this pattern and Boom..it stopped at D..if price falls below D, then exit this trade…

TNDM was under intense selling pressure and fell outside the bottom bollinger band set a -2, 2 and a MA of 80..(only used for noting selling pressure)..

Stop below D…

Possible T2 117.9 to 123.5

I am new to this pattern so do not trust me. Do your own research…it is your money, your plan and your trade..

TNDM is not in a 20 year uptrend and struggles at the highs, this I have noticed..

This pattern rises from X to A, then retraces on the AB leg. Then rises again on the BC leg but not all the way to A, only to fall deeply to D. It is based on FIB levels and looks like a crooked M…

The idea is to get close to a good low and an entry that gets you close to your stop.

TNDM fell from a bearish narrowing rising wedge (like a lot of the market since the flu hit) and also was in a C&H pattern earlier this year..The handle low held (so far)..

Happy Holidays and Happy Trading


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