Björnen sover (the bear is sleeping) for NASDAQ:TSLA by skattjakt — TradingView


The swedish childrens song ”Björnen sover” (the bear is sleeping), which also is a game, is currently the most accurate trading enviroment description for Tesla . The game is played as follows: one child (or say the kidergarden teacher) plays the bear and the others play children (or in this case bulls). The bear is on its hands and knees in the middle of a circle formed by the other children who strolls around the bear singing the ”Björnen sover” song like nothing terrible is going to happen. The bear then wakes up and kills the children that were too cocky and didnt take profits. I will from now on be humming this song everyday and scout short-entries on exhaustion for some psycological nibbles (nothing major im not a maniac).
Search for the song ”Björnen sover” on the interwebs and join me in this childrens game Tesla edition.


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